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Monday, October 13


Mixing Your Open Source Cloud Cocktail - Mark Hinkle, Citrix
Add two parts virtualization, one part orchestration add a little networking shake and pour. Unfortunately cloud computing isn’t that easy but then again not all clouds are the same and tastes may vary. This talk will discuss how the varying open source technologies like OpenStack, Docker, LXC and others can be mixed together to make something that appeals to the needs of a wide variety of users. There’s also no problem in abstaining from building your own cloud but still benefiting from the open source tooling to maximize the benefits of the public cloud. 

avatar for Mark Hinkle

Mark Hinkle

Senior Director of Cloud Computing Community, Citrix
Mark Hinkle is a passionate open source advocate who currently serves as the Senior Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix Systems Inc. where he is responsible for their open source cloud computing efforts with the CloudStack and Xen open source projects. Previously he was... Read More →

Monday October 13, 2014 11:15am - 12:05pm
Room 15


What Manufacturing Teaches About DevOps - Gordon Haff, Red Hat
Software development, like manufacturing, is a craft that requires the application of creative approaches to solve problems given a wide range of constraints. However, while engineering design may be craftwork, the production of most designed objects relies on a standardized and automated manufacturing process. By contrast, much of moving an application from prototype to production and, indeed, maintaining the application through its lifecycle has often remained craftwork. In this session, Gordon Haff discusses the many lessons and processes that DevOps can learn from manufacturing and the assembly line-like tools, such as Platform-as-a-Service, that provide the necessary abstraction and automation to make industrialized DevOps possible.

avatar for Gordon Haff

Gordon Haff

Technology Evangelist, Red Hat
Gordon Haff is Technology Evangelist at Red Hat where he works on emerging technology product strategy; writes about tech, trends, and their business impact; and is a frequent speaker at customer and industry events. Among the topics he tries to keep up with are DevOps, IoT, blockchain... Read More →

Monday October 13, 2014 11:15am - 12:05pm
Room 18


Build Scalable Cloud Applications on Google Compute Engine Using Kubernetes and Mesos - Bernd Mathiske, Mesosphere & Nat Welch, Google
1. Overview how Google builds and scale apps, using containers

2. Kubernetes: an exciting new open source product released by Google that leverages the Docker container management system and Google's knowledge to provide a lightweight, easy-to-use management system for multiple containers. (review of capabilities and features)

3. Mesos: a well-established open-source platform for supporting multiple application frameworks. Mesos can run locally, or on the cloud. (review of capabilities and features)

4. Explain how Kubernetes + Mesos + Google Cloud Platform work together (new)
- how to run it on Google Cloud
- how to run it in a private data center

5. Explain how this supports application portability for a wide range of applications, operational flexibility, and openness, and avoids vendor lock-in.


Bernd Mathiske

Senior Software Architect, Mesosphere
Bernd Mathiske is a Senior Software Architect at Mesosphere and runs Mesosphere’s Hamburg engineering office. Before Mesosphere, Bernd worked at Intel as a Senior VM architect, responsible for strategy and implementation of Dalvik and ART Android VMs. Bernd has been awarded 27 U.S... Read More →
avatar for Nat Welch

Nat Welch

Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Google
Nat Welch is an SRE based in Brooklyn, NY, and the author of "Real World SRE" from Packt Publishing. He currently works for Google on the Customer Reliability Engineering team. In the past, he has worked for First Look Media, Hillary for America, iFixit, and others.

Monday October 13, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Room 15
Tuesday, October 14


The Service Enabling Wireless Network - Anthony C. K. Soong, Chief Scientist for Wireless Research and Standards at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd,
There is now no dispute that the wide spread acceptance of the smart phones in the last few
years is currently transforming the mobile communication networks. One aspect is related to the 
movement of data to the cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere with a variety of devices. This fundamentally redefines the endpoints and time frame for which network services are provisioned.

This talk will discuss two technology trends that will become paramount in the future of mobile 
communication systems: Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking 
(SDN). Together they arguably represent the biggest advancement in the mobile communication 
network architecture in the last 20 years, and are fundamentally changing how network services are 
provided. It is the key enabler that will allow the network to be more nimble, flexible and scalable. It 
gives a unique opportunity to re-architect the mobile network to efficiently offer the services in the 

The industry has already moved strongly in this direction; the creation of OPNFV in September of 
2014 is a significant step from the industry in terms of commercialization of these technologies, they will 
increase the rate of innovation, equip the industry for novel business models, and speed up the 
development of the ecosystem that will enrich our lives.


Anthony Soong

Anthony C. K. Soong (S’88-M’91-SM’02-F”14) received his Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Alberta. He is currently the Chief Scientist for Wireless Research and Standards at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, in the US. His research group... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 9:35am - 9:55am
Room 1


Tutorial: Configuration Management and Orchestration with Saltstack - Anirban Saha, BlackRock
Configuration management and orchestration with Saltstack (Anirban Saha) - The true power of any infrastructure is unleashed only when there is complete command and control over the scale, speed, flexibility and operability of all its components. In this tutorial, Anirban Saha will demonstrate how Saltstack can achieve the same objectives, the basic architecture of Saltstack, its advantages over other alternatives and a hands-on walkthrough of Saltstack with the server and client components, which includes configuration of a small application stack, using the key features that Salt offers. Other highlights includes demonstration of additional features such as the built-in remote execution and overview of salt-cloud for cloud provisioning.


Anirban Saha

Goodgame Studios
I am a DevOps Engineer. Previously, I have held positions such as Systems Engineer and Administrator at IPsoft, InMobi, Ruckus Wireless and BlackRock. I have been extensively involved in provisioning, configuration and management of Linux, backup, storage, virtualized and cloud computing... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 11:15am - 1:05pm
Room 15


The CloudScale Environment – An Engineering Framework for Building Scalable Cloud Applications - Jure Polutnik, XLAB
Current cloud platforms provide limited support for customers in designing scalable and cost-
efficient applications. In this presentation, Jure Polutnik will show the use of the CloudScale Environment, an open-source solution oriented to tackle these problems by providing an engineering approach for building scalable cloud applications. Using a simple use-case, Jure will show how the CloudScale Environment can be used to improve the scalability and cost-efficiency of existing systems, how to use the tool during design time, and how to spot potential anti-patterns by analysing the source code or running automated tests on the deployed system.
The presentation will cover model extraction from the source code, enriching of the model with cloud-specific information, automated performance and scalability analysis, and evaluation of alternatives using usage-evaluations and qual


Jure Polutnik

Software Engineer, XLAB
Jure Polutnik, software engineer and project manager at XLAB (http://www.xlab.si), works as the integration leader on the CloudScale project (http://www.cloudscale-project.eu). He is active in various fields of computer science, focusing on distributed and cloud computing, service... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Room 15


Apache Cloudstack as Cloud-Management-Environment - Claus Kalle, University of Cologne
The license costs by VMware are becoming increasingly prohibitive
values for a German university computing center. VMware Cloud Director cloud not establish itself on the market.

The open source community knows as remedy: 4 "free" virtualization management software products are on the scene for years. They promiss to setup manageable licensing costs-free virtualization environments.

As a recent example, Apache CloudStack will be presented here, which allows the management of a heterogeneous hypervisor environment with relatively little effort and promises relatively quick results.

Cloudstack deployment results in moderately higher expense and lower overall stability, which is however still acceptable for a large proportion of the "free" virtualized load at university computer centers.


Claus Kalle, University of Cologne

University of Cologne
Claus became employee in the operating system group at the Regional Computing Center of the University of Cologne (RRZK) in 1984 after studying physics. With the introduction of Internet technology in 1986 he intensified the work with UNIX. Being head of the systems group since... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Room 17


Bootstrapping an Open Cloud - Matt Jarvis & Dariush Marsh, DataCentred
A real world story of the technical and organisational challenges of a startup becoming a public cloud provider using open source technologies. Where we went wrong, where we went right and where we’ve still got to go.


Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis is Head of Cloud Computing at DataCentred, responsible for the development and delivery of DataCentred's on-demand storage and compute capabilities. Prior to joining DataCentred, Matt was at IBM where he led a team working on systems software for new enterprise class... Read More →
avatar for Dariush Marsh

Dariush Marsh

Director of Technical Strategy and Architecture, DataCentred
Dariush Marsh-Mossadeghi is Director of Technical Strategy and Architecture at DataCentred. Dariush joined DataCentred from the BBC, where he was Lead Architect at BBC Future Media and Technology.  He has extensive experience of developing and delivering scalable, high-performance... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 3:30pm - 4:20pm
Room 18


The Cloud in 10,000 Words (or 10 Pictures) - Gordon Haff, Red Hat
When it comes to computing, change is in the air. It always is, of course, but its pace is accelerating. Much is due to open source and the collaboration it enables and the intersection points that it creates. In this session, Gordon Haff will identify the most important trends and intersections of those trends as spotlighted by key research and observations about today's landscape. Where's growth happening? What's new and important to watch? Where are the new business and technical opportunities? It will be a broad view that cuts across computing, data, networking, and devices and distills down the quantitative and the qualitative into consumable nuggets that you can use to focus your attention and your time.

avatar for Gordon Haff

Gordon Haff

Technology Evangelist, Red Hat
Gordon Haff is Technology Evangelist at Red Hat where he works on emerging technology product strategy; writes about tech, trends, and their business impact; and is a frequent speaker at customer and industry events. Among the topics he tries to keep up with are DevOps, IoT, blockchain... Read More →

Tuesday October 14, 2014 4:30pm - 5:20pm
Room 17
Wednesday, October 15


Linux: Where Are We Going - Dirk Hohndel, Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist, Intel and Linus Torvalds, Fellow, The Linux Foundation
Linux creator Linus Torvalds will take the stage with Intel’s Chief Linux and Open Source Technologies Dirk Hohndel to discuss the latest technical advancements in the kernel.


Dirk Hohndel

Dirk is Intel's Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist. He has been an active developer and contributor in the Linux space since its earlies days, among other roles, he worked as Chief Technology Officer of SuSE and as Unix Architect at Deutsche Bank. Dirk joined Intel in 2001 andsince... Read More →

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds created the Linux kernel and oversaw open source development of the widely-used Linux operating system. Torvalds was born on December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland. Torvalds enrolled at the University of Helsinki in 1988, graduating with a master's degree in computer... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 9:40am - 10:00am
Room 1


Kernel Developer Panel - Grant Likely, Linaro; Borislav Petkov, SUSE; Thomas Gleixner, linutronix GmbH; Julia Lawall, Inria; Frédéric Weisbecker, Red Hat and Jon Corbet, LWN.net (Moderator)
A roundtable discussion about the Linux kernel.


Thomas Gleixner

Biography coming soon.
avatar for Julia Lawall

Julia Lawall

Senior Researcher, Inria/LIP6/Sorbonne University
Julia Lawall is a Senior Research Scientist at Inria. Her research is at the intersection of programming languages and operating systems. She develops the tool Coccinelle and has over 2000 patches in the Linux kernel based on this work.
avatar for Grant Likely

Grant Likely

Fellow, Linaro
Grant Likely is a Linux kernel developer and maintainer of the Device Tree subsystem. Grant's first involvement with Linux development was back in 2004 while working on an embedded system. Linux didn't support his platform, so after he got Linux to boot, he posted his changes publicly... Read More →

Borislav Petkov

RAS/AMD kernel maintainer working currenly at SUSE Labs. Prior to that at AMDs Operating Systems Research Center doing Linux enablement and hardware debugging work.

Frédéric Weisbecker

Linux Kernel developer working for Red Hat. His involvement and role in the Linux community has evolved over time: he has been working on tracingwith ftrace and perf events subsystems, on timers and dynticks/nohz mode, cputime accounting, and various cleanups such as helping on the... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 10:00am - 10:45am
Room 1


Open Source: The Customer Revolution Will be Cloudified - John Mark Walker, Red Hat
Open Source was a phenomenon made possible by the will of the customer and end user, pushing them up to the same status as developers. Cloud computing as an industry phenomenon is built almost entirely on open source pieces, but ironically (or perhaps, perversely) is used to create proprietary services. One could say that cloud computing is the revenge of the developer.

This talk discusses how the four software freedoms allowed customers and end users to achieve a more level playing field and provided a solid foundation on which innovation flourished. Innovation was an interesting by-product, not something pursued. The lessons learned from open source innovation should inform our choices in cloud-y computing, but cloud is currently dominated by proprietary services and obfuscation beyond the public API. Can we arrange the pieces once again such that innovation is an interesting by-product of processes and governance designed to give everyone a seat at the table?

avatar for John Mark Walker

John Mark Walker

Open Source Ecosystems Leader, Red Hat, Inc
John Mark is the ManageIQ Community Leader. For three years prior to his ManageIQ role, he was the Gluster Community Leader and is a long-time Open Source community advocate and strategist.

Wednesday October 15, 2014 11:15am - 12:05pm
Room 15


Kubernetes: Managing Containers the Google Way - Riccardo Carlesso, Google & Jarek Kuśmierek, Google
Everything at Google (from Search to Gmail) runs in Linux Application Containers. Google is working with the Open Source community to bring over a decade of experience managing containers at scale to developers. Riccardo Carlesso will talk through Kubernetes, a new Open Source container manager developed by Google with the help of the community. He will cover the core management patterns it supports, the problems it solves, and where things are going both with the project, and with the Google Cloud Platform service analogs.

avatar for Riccardo Carlesso

Riccardo Carlesso

Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google
Googler. Fat Ironman. Loves red wine and Ruby (yes, Ruby).

Jaroslaw Kusmierek

Jaroslaw Kusmierek, Google Poland
Jarek, together with his teams for more than 5 years was building components of Google's planet scale operating system, including the new version known as Omega. This operating system powers all Google services - and recently also services of external. Jarek's teams are also working... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 12:15pm - 1:05pm
Room 19


Avoiding the 1000 Euro VM in Your First Cloud - Tim Mackey, Citrix
Today everyone is talking about clouds, and a few are building them, but far fewer are operating successful clouds. In this session we'll examine a variety of paradigm shifts IT makes when moving from a traditional virtualization and management mindset to operating a successful cloud. For most organizations, without careful planning the hype of a cloud solution can quickly overcome its capabilities and pre-existing best practices can combine to create the worst possible cloud scenario -- a cloud which isn't economical to operate, and which is more cumbersome to manage than a traditional virtualization farm.

Key topics covered include:

- Successful transition of operational and management paradigm
- How the VM density of clouds change Ops
- What it means to monitor the network in a cloud environment, at hyper-dense virtualization levels
- Preventing storage costs from outpacing

avatar for Tim Mackey

Tim Mackey

Senior Technical Evangelist, Black Duck by Synopsys
Tim Mackey is a technology evangelist for Black Duck Software specializing in the secure deployment of applications using virtualization, cloud and container technologies. Prior to joining Black Duck, Tim was most recently the community manager for XenServer and was part of the Citrix... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 12:15pm - 1:05pm
Room 15


Where is Cloud Going - David Nalley, Citrix
The cloud space is still rapidly evolving. Every day there seems to be some new element that gets exposed. We’ve had traditional IaaS with products like Apache CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack around for a few years now. PaaS is also making big waves, we have with Cloud Foundry and OpenShift. Then the tech press is captivated by a retro move with containers, and Docker in particular. Does private cloud have a future? Will we care about IaaS in a PaaS or container world? How does SDN and NFV change the landscape? Come get your questions answered. 


Wednesday October 15, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Room 17


How to Run a Collaborative Project - Lars Kurth, Citrix
Collaborative development is at the core of successful open source projects. Yet to be successful in today's competitive open source world, it is increasingly important to master many different disciplines and to develop an edge.

In this talk we will cover a wide range of topics relevant to developers and members of open source communities who want to increase participation in their projects. Topics range from growing your developer base (e.g. by participation in GSoC, OPW and similar programs), rewarding participation, projecting momentum in the media and press, coercing large companies into contributing more and in different ways to your project, running community initiatives successfully and measuring success.

We will use real-life examples and share tools and mental models (e.g. open source flywheel and funnels) that help you make the right decisions for your project.

avatar for Lars Kurth

Lars Kurth

Director Open Source / Project Chairperson The Xen Project , Citrix Systems UK Ltd.
Lars Kurth is a highly effective, passionate community manager with strong experience of working with open source communities (Symbian, Symbian DevCo, Eclipse, GNU) and currently is the community manager for the Xen Project. Lars has 12 years of experience building and leading engineering... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 3:30pm - 4:20pm
Room 16