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Tizen Mini-Summit [clear filter]
Wednesday, October 15


Tizen Native API Framework: Features and Benefits - Sanjeev BA, Samsung
Tizen 2.3 will introduce a native development framework based on lightweight native platform API and EFL.
Together, these libraries will enable application developers to write fast, responsive and scalable native applications with easy access the Tizen platform features. Application developers can also reuse existing open source libraries with ease. 

The purpose of this session is to explain the design and features of native API framework. Examples of how to use the native API with EFL libraries for app. development, will also be discussed. 


Sanjeev BA

Senior Engineer, Samsung
Tizen and IoTivity

Wednesday October 15, 2014 11:15am - 12:05pm
Room 7b


Multi-user mode and Application Framework in Tizen 3.X - Sabera Djelti, EUROGICIEL Open Source
The multi-user mode is a new feature of Tizen 3. The aim of  multi-user Tizen 3 support is to enable multiple profile in connected devices while enabling a strict application containment.

This new feature allows a new way to manage application, services and HW resources. That impacts mainly the Application Framework, resources management and security framework.

The presentation will focus on Tizen Application Framework and Tizen’s ressources/services Management in a secured multi-seat context.

We will see also why the traditional Desktop Linux multi user mode can’t answer to the Tizen OS needs.

avatar for Sabera Djelti

Sabera Djelti

Software engineer, Eurogiciel
Sabera holds a Masters from Rennes University in Embedded System Architecture and Telecommunications.As a software engineer working for EUROGICIEL Open Source (Brittany, France), she has been working full time on the Tizen project for more than 2 years.Her work is mostly focussed... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 12:15pm - 1:05pm
Room 7b


Tizen Compliance - Mats Wichmann, Samsung
Tizen Compliance is the name for the Tizen software compatibility program.  It describes a layer of services (APIs and some other itmes such as codecs, etc) that a conforming device must provide, and at the same time describes the layer that applications can consume with an expectation of cross-device portability. Applications uploaded to the Tizen store are expected to follow Tizen Compliance. The Compliance program is several pieces - a specification describing the environment, test suites to validate conformances, and a way to get certified.  This talk will examine how the Compliance program lets you build applications with an expectation of running well, with topics such as features, privileges, packaging, use of the Web API, and, for the Tizen Mobile profile, of the native API.

Wednesday October 15, 2014 2:30pm - 3:20pm
Room 7b


IRIS - the Web Tools to Query Everything about Tizen Development - JF Ding, Intel
IRIS(Infrastructure and Release Information System) is a data-aggregation and querying web service for Tizen platform development, which can be accessed at: https://panel.tizen.org

Current online version provides meta information querying of packages, such as: domains and subdomains, related maintainers, integrated images, etc. Besides the above, the presentation will introduce the design and architecture of IRIS, the choices of web backend and frontend, the continuously integration and deployment mechanism for IRIS development, and the topology of data collection and importing nodes.

avatar for JF Ding

JF Ding

Engineering Manager, Intel
Jianfeng(JF) Ding, from Open Source Technology Center of Intel Inc., is working on several open source cloud computing projects, such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, etc., as an engineering manager and technical leader.

Wednesday October 15, 2014 3:30pm - 4:20pm
Room 7b


Creating a profile from Tizen Common - Stéphane Desneux, Eurogiciel Open Source
Tizen:Common provides a common development / build / test environment for Tizen 3. With the coming multiplication of verticals, creating a Common build base was becoming critical.
All profiles will inherit from Tizen:Common and add their profile-specific features.
This talk will focus on the following topics:
* Tizen:Common architecture
* Tizen:Common inheritance model
* Development, build, test workflow (OBS, GBS)
* Use cases

avatar for Stéphane Desneux

Stéphane Desneux

Senior Software Engineer, Eurogiciel
Stéphane holds a master in computer science and electronic engineering from the Electronic Institute in Paris. He began his career as a consultant and trainer in the field of relational databases and run many mission internationally. Later, he co-founded Open Care in 1999: it was... Read More →

Wednesday October 15, 2014 4:30pm - 5:20pm
Room 7b