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Michael Christofferson, Enea

Product Marketing Director
United States
Previous speaking: 2014 - 1) ELC San Jose, April 29-May 2, 2014, "User Space Drivers in Linux – Pros, Cons, and Implementation Issues. In 2013 - 1) Linux Embedded Systems Conference San Franciso, Feb 20-22 2013 on the "Yocto Meta-Virtualization Project", 2) LinuxCon/Cloud Open North America, Sept 2014, on "A Platform Independent, Clock Cycle Based Performance Measurement System”, 3) The Embedded World Conference, Europe/Edinburgh, Oct 21-23, 2014, with "A Platform Independent, Clock Cycle Based Performance Measurement System”, and others. I am a product marketing director at Enea, and have over 30 years of experience in the embedded and communications industry. We at Enea are focused on real time extensions to Linux in communications, upcoming industry initiatives like ODP and its relation to NFV and SDN, and Cloud computing management and middleware.